Who Is The Best Midfielder In The Premier League?

Who Is The Best Midfielder In The Premier League?

Bruno Guimaraes, since joining Newcastle United back in January of 2022, has quickly established himself as one of the leading midfield players in the Premier League. He combines adroit ball control and passing with limitless energy and an insatiable desire to drive his team forward – but what is the Brazilian’s ceiling?

There’s no doubt that Guimaraes is one of the best midfielders in the league – but is he the absolute best? Three other players in contention for that title immediately spring to mind – Kevin De Bruyne, Rodri and Casemiro.

It’s an indomitable trio, for sure. However, we believe that Guimaraes is better than two of them – Rodri and Casemiro – due to his greater level of versatility and age.

While Manchester City’s Rodri and Manchester United’s Casemiro are arguably better defensive midfielders than Guimaraes, he can do something that they cannot – play as an effective box-to-box player.

The Brazilian’s superior athletic ability allows him to orchestrate the midfield from every area of the pitch. Casemiro and Rodri may be able to do this from deeper positions, but they don’t have the quick feet required to do it in more advanced positions.

De Bruyne, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast. The Belgian isn’t just one of the best midfielders in the world, he’s one of the best midfielders of all time.

While Guimaraes can match his energy levels, defensive ability and arguably his passing, he does not have De Bruyne’s magical dribbling ability or laser vision that makes him so lethal.

Of course, there are several other top-quality midfielders in the Premier League – such as Arsenal’s Martin Odeegaard, West Ham United’s Declan Rice and Chelsea’s Enzo Fernandez – but it cannot be understated just how much Guimaraes adds to Newcastle’s overall play.

In conclusion, we would rate Guimaraes as the second-best midfielder in the Premier League at this moment. He’s still relatively young, aged just 25 – who knows how good he could become when he reaches his prime?