Chris Sutton Calls For Lengthy Ban For Former Newcastle United Hitman

Chris Sutton Calls For Lengthy Ban For Former Newcastle United Hitman

Former Chelsea and Celtic striker Chris Sutton has called for a lengthy ban to be imposed upon Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic, after he was sent off in the Cottagers’ FA Cup game against Manchester United.

Mitrovic, who played for Newcastle United from 2015-2018, was given a straight red card after he pushed referee Chris Kavanagh and shouted at him in a threatening manner.

Sutton, alongside several others, condemned the behaviour of the Serbian. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Sutton said: “He saw the red mist. That’s no excuse. You cannot lay your hand on an official.

“In my opinion, it will impact further down the chain at grassroots level. There will be kids watching the game today who think, well if Mitrovic can do it, so can I.”

Fulham’s manager, Marco Silva, defended his player after the incident. He said: “He pushed the referee and Mitro should control his emotions. I saw the image and I will speak with him.

“But I hope the people who are going to decide do so with fairness that the moment deserves.”

Silva also added that Kavanagh has given some contentious decisions against Fulham this season, saying: “Our story with Chris Kavanagh this season has been tough for us. Unfortunately, we have been very unlucky with him this season. Many moments. It is difficult to understand some of the decisions.

“We had that West Ham game away from home. We lost the game with two clear handball goals and it was Chris Kavanagh in that moment. Today, everyone saw what is happening in this game. It is difficult for them to not look for these things.”

Mitrovic’s punishment is yet to be finalised – however, it is expected that the 28-year-old will serve an extensive suspension.