‘I’d Be Livid’ Newcastle Legend Criticises Controversial Decision In 2-2 Wolves Draw

‘I’d Be Livid’ Newcastle Legend Criticises Controversial Decision In 2-2 Wolves Draw

Newcastle United icon Alan Shearer blasted referee Anthony Taylor in the wake of Newcastle United’s 2-2 draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday afternoon.

Newcastle were awarded a controversial penalty that VAR failed to overturn – many audiences, including Shearer, believed that a penalty should not have been given.

Additionally, we’ll also take a look at what Gary O’Neil had to say about the decision – suffice to say, the former Bournemouth manager was not pleased.

What did Newcastle legend Alan Shearer say about the decision?

Speaking on Match Of The Day, Shearer said [via NewcastleWorld]:”I didn’t think it was a penalty. I can understand why the referee has given it on the pitch but then they looked at it so many times in the replays and I still can’t see why it wasn’t overturned. If that was given against me, I’d be livid.”

Despite this, Shearer thinks a draw was a fair result. He continued: “The longer the game went on the more concerned I was, particularly with the pace and ability Wolves have got with Hwang, Neto and Cunha.

“A few times in that first half you can see the problems that they caused. Second half, as I said, I was getting more and more worried because of the schedule Eddie Howe mentioned there, Newcastle did look tired and were running out of options, certainly up front.

“They [Wolves] were becoming a threat and Hwang gets his sixth goal of the season. He sits Dan Burn down there and it’s a fantastic finish. But I think a draw was right in the end.”

What did Wolves boss Gary O’Neil have to say?

On the decision, O’Neil fumed: “There wasn’t a penalty in the first half. It’s a scandalous decision. Terrible. It was a terrible on-field decision and terrible that VAR didn’t intervene. I think they got it badly wrong.

“He goes to clear the ball and makes such minimal contact with Schar, hardly any, just a glance of the boot. Schar is already on his way down and the ball actually hits Channy’s [Hwang Hee-Chan] other boot before he even makes contact with Schar, so technically Chan gets the ball before he contacts Schar. That’s why it was a terrible decision.”